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Reformed Journal Newsletter - Family, Adoption, and Idols

Reformed Journal Newsletter - Family, Adoption, and Idols
By Jeff Munroe, Editor • Issue #88 • View online
To all the Saints across the seven seas and to the four winds,
Family. What a beautiful, painful, complicated word. It carries so much. It shapes us so deeply. And how does it intersect with the Good News of Jesus Christ?
This week’s essay was an honest, poignant conversation about adoption. It’s easy to talk heroically and theologically about adoption, without realizing the complexities and challenges. Thanks to Katie Roelofs and Emily Helder for bringing it to us. I’d really encourage you to read it.

Adoption: Two Voices
Honestly, I feel a little under-qualified and intimidated to say much of anything about poetry. But I’m the sort of person, we’re working hard to connect with. The mini-podcasts with the poets and Rose Postma have been wonderful. I observed this – one of this week’s poems by Marc Malandra has a horse and the other has porpoises. See what you find.
Rachel’s Dream
I expected Nathan Groenwald’s blog last Sunday, “Making Family Our Idol,” to stir up some conversation. It did. But all of the comments we received were positive. Poking at our idols usually raises our hackles. Is “faith and family” a trope we’ve grown skeptical about?
Making Family Our Idol
Chestnuts, manna, and Halloween all came together in Monday’s blog. Most of us learned a lot about chestnuts, but there was a lot of pathos, commentary, and hope, as well.
Did Manna Have a Spiky Shell?
Lastly, our blog marked its eleventh birthday this week.
Happy Birthday to Us!
Read. Comment. Share. Repeat. Thanks so much!
Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell (filling in for Jeff Munroe)
Did you enjoy this issue?
Jeff Munroe, Editor

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