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This Week in the Reformed Journal: Between Metaphor and Reality

This Week in the Reformed Journal: Between Metaphor and Reality
By Jeff Munroe, Editor • Issue #72 • View online
In the new poetry edition of our podcast, Paul Hooker spoke of the tension between metaphor and reality. That’s as good a summation of what we published this week as any.
If you haven’t listened to one of our poetry podcasts yet, give this one a try. Each episode is about ten minutes long. Rose Postma, our poetry editor, asks a poet to read a poem, asks how the poem came to be written, and then has the poet read the poem again. Rose’s conversation with Paul Hooker brought layers of insight into his poem “Snow and Aspergillum” that I believe will bless you. (Like finding out what an “aspergillum” is, for example.) Have a listen, and then read the poem for yourself, along with Paul’s other lovely poem, “How Wide the World.”

Snow and Aspergillum
How Wide the World
I got a kick out of reading “The News From Oak Forest” about the fictional Hopeful Reformed Christian Church by Dave Larsen. There is a lot of reality behind his stories, and many readers quickly identified Dave’s real home church, Hope Christian Reformed Church in Oak Forest, Illinois, as the source of his inspiration.
The News From Oak Forest
There was some sober reality on our blog this week, and many of you resonated deeply with two entries offering further reflection on the recently completed Christian Reformed Church Synod. Joel Carpenter’s “Status Confessionis” looked deeply at the proceedings, and Nathan Groenewald’s “The Cost of Silencing Stories” lamented the restriction on storytelling at Synod. Take a look.
Status Confessionis
The Cost of Silencing Stories
As always, there is much more at our home page, including more blog posts and several Around the Web articles of note.
Blessed Reading,
Jeff Munroe
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Jeff Munroe, Editor

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