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This Week in the Reformed Journal: Look and Listen
By Jeff Munroe, Editor • Issue #73 • View online
Dear Friends,
Tom Boogaart has wisdom, integrity, faithfulness, and a deep love of the scriptures. He’s the subject of our latest podcast interview, part of our summer series featuring frequent Reformed Journal contributors. He’s also embarrassed by the attention. Don’t let that hold you back. We received a double dose of Boogaart this week, as he also contributed a blog post. Make sure to look and listen. 

The Ants Are My Companions
Looking and listening will also serve you well as you engage with our latest poetry podcast. These podcasts are short—each episode is about ten minutes—and open a poet’s work in fascinating ways. This week it is “Little Apocalypse” by Maryann Corbett. Maryann’s other poem, “The Last Good Day,” invites us to look in our backyard at the wonder and mystery that is right there. 
Little Apocalypse
The Last Good Day
The week started with an exercise in what might have been, as David Hoekema imagined different reactions now to actions that happened almost 50 years ago. As I’ve looked and listened to what David wrote, I can’t help but think that one side on these issues has somewhat naively believed the nation and church were making progress, while the other side organized for power. What do you think?
I never imagined I would write a sentence with the words poppy, coffee, tea, and peyote in it, but I just did. Michael Pollan’s book This is Your Mind on Plants, reviewed this week by Laura Furlong, explores how these plants affect the human brain. Some products produced by these plants have been deemed illegal, while others are part of most people’s daily routines. Each affects us, albeit in different ways. Take a look. 
This Is Your Mind On Plants
There’s much more, as always, at our home page.
Blessed Readiing,
Jeff Munroe
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Jeff Munroe, Editor

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