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This Week in the Reformed Journal: New Voices

This Week in the Reformed Journal: New Voices
By Jeff Munroe, Editor • Issue #85 • View online
Dear Friends,
We’re coming up on the eleventh anniversary of our blog. When we started, in those innocent days of 2011, we were the blog of Perspectives Journal and called ourselves (with more irony than pretension) The Twelve. There were twelve of us writing, after all.
These days we’ve changed our name from Perspectives back to the Reformed Journal and there are a lot more than twelve writers. Since the blog is more like The Seventeen, we’ve stopped calling it The Twelve. (Although, just like some of still say “Oakland Raiders,” we stumble sometimes.) We have such a variety of contributors, in fact, that we tried an experiment and did something new this week. We gave our regulars a week off, and had all guest contributions. Did you notice?
I suppose everyone had their favorite. I was partial to the meditation by Dave Schelhaas reflecting on his physical body and will reproduce it (his blog post, not his body) here. By the way, if the guest week jarred you, the regular cast will be back next week. 

In Praise of the Physical
Here’s a little continuity in the midst of everything else. Last week, we ran Rose Postma’s review of John Terpstra’s poetry collection Wild Hope. This week, Rose interviewed John on our poetry podcast about his poem “Canadian Summer Psalm 23.” I am certain you’ll enjoy taking a few minutes to listen to his conversation with Rose and discover both the familiar and surprises in John’s poem. 
Canadian Summer Psalm 23
I can’t help but admit I am a big fan of April Fiet. I asked if she’d contribute an essay in our memoir series and she delivered a beautiful description of how God has led her through small gifts. I think you’ll find her story comforting and inspiring. I did. April has an unpredictable life out there in Western Nebraska. She crocheted a Wordle and wound up being interviewed by major media outlets. She found a stray cat in her attic and was all over the internet. Much more significant than her occasional fifteen minutes of fame is the steady spirituality expressed in her book The Sacred Pulse and her faithful work as a pastor. 
Holy Little Things: Finding Delight in God’s Small Gifts
As always, there is much more at our home page.
Blessed Reading,
Jeff Munroe
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Jeff Munroe, Editor

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