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This Week in the Reformed Journal: Powerhouses

This Week in the Reformed Journal: Powerhouses
By Jeff Munroe, Editor • Issue #84 • View online
Dear Friends,
Lee Hardy’s essay, “The Most Conservative People on Campus,” about Mario Savio and the roots of the Berkeley Free Speech Movement, was a powerhouse. Understanding our history is always relevant, but especially so as we head into a mid-term election cycle where the future of American Democracy is very much at stake. Hardy shows how Savio’s “radical” ideas were drawn from Catholic social teaching. Berkeley professor Joseph Tussman’s response, laying out a curriculum designed to “fit us for active membership in the democratic community,” is well-worth pondering. Please take the time to read this essay and share it with others. 

The Most Conservative People on Campus
Rose Postma’s podcast interview with Kate Bolt was also a powerhouse. Kate’s effusive personality shone through as they discussed Kate’s poem “Miracle.” In Ephesians 1, Paul famously prays that the eyes of our heart may be opened. Kate’s poem is an “open the eyes of my heart,” prayer, and I commend both the poem and podcast conversation to you. 
There’s more of Rose Postma this week, with her review of John Terpstra’s collection of poetry, “Wild Hope.” Rose says, “This collection functions more like a book of daily prayer than a traditional poetry collection,” which I hope attracts you to it. Take a look at Rose’s review and Terpstra’s book. 
Wild Hope: Prayers and Poems
As usual, there is a full week of blog entries to attend to, including new contributions by stalwarts Scott Hoezee and Kate Kooyman. Although these articles tackle very different subjects, they both connect to what Lee Hardy started the week with. I hope you checked them out. 
The Road Ahead
Us / Them
As always, there is much more at our home page.
Blessed Reading,
Jeff Munroe
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Jeff Munroe, Editor

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