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This Week in the Reformed Journal: Sacramental Moments

This Week in the Reformed Journal: Sacramental Moments
By Jeff Munroe, Editor • Issue #86 • View online
Dear Friends –
I find myself contemplating what a sacramental view of reality is. One might say it is being open to the holy everywhere, knowing every moment is a holy moment, and that heaven and earth are much closer than we imagine. Sacramental moments, then, are those times when the holy comes into clear focus. This week’s Reformed Journal is full of sacramental moments.
We begin with Tom Boogaart’s essay, “A Sacramental Moment in Hebrew Class,”—perhaps misnamed because Tom actually writes about two moments that occurred after opening his masters level Hebrew instruction to a student with Down Syndrome. It’s an inspiring and touching essay.

A Sacramental Moment in Hebrew Class
After last week’s parade of guest writers, more familiar names were back on the blog, and sacramental moments were being pointed to all week. Here are a couple—Jennifer Holberg sharing Carrie Newcomer with us, and Tim Van Deelen’s canoe discoveries and meditations.
Life’s Refrain
Holy Oaks
A sacramental view of reality begs the question of how we interpret God working in history. Matt R. Jantzen’s book God, Race, and History: Liberating Providence takes this on. Kaitlyn Schiess, a doctoral student in political theology at Duke University, provides a fine introduction and review to Jantzen’s book. 
God, Race, and History: Liberating Providence
The experience of grief is sacramental, and the poet Ann Iverson discusses this experience with Rose Postma on our poetry podcast. It’s a quick and enlightening listen. Ann’s poem “A Blessing” is also worth a read. 
A Blessing
One personal word: my wife and I are heading out on a vacation for a few weeks. Steve Mathonnet-VanderWell will be in this space the next few weeks. I’ll see you later in November.
As always, there is much more at our home page.
Blessed Reading,
Jeff Munroe
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Jeff Munroe, Editor

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